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Henderson Boating Accident Lawyer

At The Janda Law Firm, we understand personal injuries, Nevada’s civil laws, and how to fight for maximum financial recovery on behalf of injured clients. We can help victims involved in boating accidents in Henderson and Lake Mead understand their rights and legal options. If you have an injury or a loved one passed away in a boating accident anywhere in Nevada, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. Our boat accident attorneys may be able to help you achieve maximum compensation for your damages.

Choose Our Henderson Boat Accident Lawyers

  • We can use our lead attorney’s medical background to quickly research claims, accurately evaluate losses, and effectively present medical information to a judge or jury.
  • We are a client-driven law firm that puts people first. Our boat accident lawyers care about you and other accident victims in Nevada. They maximize each client’s odds of success using personalized legal services and strategies.
  • We take all cases on contingency. You will pay $0 in upfront costs to retain Attorney Dr. Paul Janda’s services, and will only pay legal fees if we win your case. After a successful case, you will pay out of the award won.

Common Causes of Henderson Boating Accidents

Boat-on-boat collisions, collisions with stationary objects or swimmers, capsized vessels, fires, explosions, boat breakdowns, and other boating accidents are typically preventable with due care by the vessel owner and operator. Boat accidents and related injuries take place when one or more parties are negligent or guilty of misconduct.

  • Boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Boating without a license or proper training
  • Operator inattention or incompetence
  • Distracted, careless or drowsy boating
  • Speeding, racing or breaking waterway rules
  • Negligent boat maintenance or lack of repairs
  • Lack of proper emergency supplies
  • Boating in dangerous waters or weather

If another person or entity (e.g. a boat manufacturer) caused your Henderson boating accident, that party might owe you compensation. Nevada’s civil laws give you the right to seek financial recovery from all at-fault parties for your economic and noneconomic damages. Build a stronger boating accident claim with help from boat accident Attorney Dr. Paul Janda.

Types of Boating Accident Injuries In Henderson, Nevada

Paul Janda is the only neurologist-attorney in the State of Nevada. As a licensed neurologist, he has extensive knowledge and experience with injuries and their consequences for patients. As a licensed attorney, he has the passion, power and ability to go up against defendants on a legal level on behalf of clients with all types of injuries.

  • Injuries from accidents on deck (such as slip and falls)
  • Cuts, scrapes and lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Pulled muscles
  • Back injuries
  • Unintentional drowning
  • Brain injuries or brain damage
  • Burns
  • Electrical shocks
  • Fatal injuries

Regardless of the type of injury a boating accident gave you or a loved one, contact us to discuss how we can help. Our Henderson injury lawyers can give you advice based on the unique circumstances of your accident. If you have grounds to bring a cause of action against someone, your boat accident lawyer can help you with the related claims paperwork and legal process. In the case of fatal injuries, be sure to consult with a wrongful death attorney in Las Vegas.

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If a negligent boat operator, boat owner, product manufacturer or another party contributed to your Henderson boating accident, that party may owe you financial compensation. You could be eligible to recover the costs of boat and property repairs, medical bills, lost income, out-of-pocket expenses, and noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering. The potential value of your boat accident case depends on many factors, such as the severity of your injuries and how much the accident impacted your life.

As the victim of a Henderson boating accident or a surviving loved one, you have rights. Learn them and discuss the possibility of filing a claim during a free consultation with our personal injury Attorney Dr. Paul Janda. Contact our local law office at (702) 758-8888 or using our online form today.