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About The Janda Law Firm

The Janda Law Firm is truly one-of-a-kind.

The law firm is founded by the first-and-only Board-Certified Neurologist/Attorney in the history of Nevada. No other law firm can boast the same. Having a doctor and attorney handle any case that involves health and law is truly a benefit for any client. This prevents clients from wasting valuable money paying outside experts to research their claims because the attorney, Dr. Janda, is an expert himself. This creates a unique platform for the law firm to serve our clients that no other firm can achieve. A Las Vegas injury attorney who did not also attend medical school will not understand the human body to the same extent as Dr. Janda. Having an attorney who is also a doctor is an invaluable asset to any prospective client.

The Janda Law Firm is also unique in that the firm represents plaintiffs and defendants. This stance creates a dual perspective and better helps the firm serve clients on either end of litigation. Again, Dr. Janda has an unparalleled ability to understand the interplay of medicine and law. The Janda Law Firm is ethical and devoted to the client.