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Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Injury Lawyer

Las Vegas is famous for the many hotels, casinos, and entertainment facilities that line the Strip and beyond. While these venues promise fun and excitement for visitors, they can also be dangerous.

If you were injured at a Las Vegas hotel or casino, you may be eligible for legal action. At The Janda Law Firm, we help victims hold negligent property owners accountable and recover compensation for their injuries. If you find yourself in this situation, trust our Las Vegas hotel and casino injury lawyer to represent your case.

Why Choose the Janda Law Firm?

  • Our attorney, Dr. Paul Janda, is the only board-certified neurologist and attorney in the state of Nevada. His medical and legal backgrounds give him a unique and valuable perspective that he can leverage to support your claim.
  • We are dedicated to recovering maximum compensation on behalf of our clients. If you are injured at a Las Vegas hotel and casino, our firm will not rest until we recover fair compensation.

Our firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in personal injury claims. With this knowledge, we can employ valuable strategies to support clients on either end of litigation.

Popular Hotels and Casinos in Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Injury Lawyer

Las Vegas, Nevada is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and for good reason. The city is home to some of the most popular and luxurious hotels and casinos in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. However, with a large number of people and activities in these establishments, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. 

If you have suffered an injury due to negligent conditions at any Las Vegas property, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Some of the most popular hotels and casinos include:

    • Bellagio
    • Caesars Palace
    • The Venetian
    • Mandalay Bay
    • MGM Grand
    • Wynn Las Vegas
    • The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
    • Aria Resort and Casino
    • The Mirage
    • The Palazzo
    • Paris Las Vegas
    • Treasure Island
    • Luxor Hotel and Casino
    • New York-New York Hotel and Casino
    • Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino
    • Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
    • Golden Nugget
    • The D Las Vegas
    • Fremont Hotel and Casino
    • Four Queens Hotel and Casino
    • Plaza Hotel and Casino

Types of Accidents That Can Happen at a Las Vegas Casino or Hotel

Property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises safe and free from any hazards. Unfortunately, casino and hotel owners and staff do not always uphold this duty. Many dangerous conditions could lead to an injury, such as the following:

  • Negligent or inattentive security
  • Over-serving of alcohol
  • Accidents involving shuttle buses
  • Food poisoning at restaurants and buffets
  • Poorly maintained walkways
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Lack of handrails 
  • Poorly maintained chairs and furniture
  • Faulty and broken elevators and escalators
  • Slip and fall accidents around pools and hot tubs
  • Uneven or loose flooring and carpeting

Legal Options for Injured Hotel and Casino Patrons in Las Vegas

Injuries in Las Vegas casinos and hotels are more common than many people initially believe. If you are hurt due to negligent conditions at one of these locations, you have the right to pursue a claim against the property owner.

Depending on the situation, you can pursue an insurance claim if the hotel or casino has business liability coverage. You could also file a premises liability lawsuit against the hotel or casino in Nevada civil court. By filing one of these claims, you can recover financial compensation to pay for your medical care, lost wages, and other expenses associated with your accident.

Compensation Available in a Hotel or Casino Injury Claim in Las Vegas

Through a Las Vegas hotel or casino lawsuit, you could hold the property accountable for any and all losses that you suffered in the accident. There are generally two types of losses that you may be able to recover: economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages involve financial losses, while non-economic damages involve the physical and emotional suffering that you endured.

Depending on your situation, you could recover the following damages in a hotel or casino injury claim:

  • Medical expenses, including hospitalization, surgery, medications, and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and income, including future, lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering, including chronic pain, permanent disability, emotional distress, and mental anguish
  • Disability accommodations, such as mobility equipment, specialized treatments, and home and vehicle modifications
  • Property damage, including damage to personal items or clothing during the accident
  • Punitive damages, in cases of particularly egregious behavior by the property owner or staff

Keep in mind that the compensation available will vary depending on the specific details of your case. A Las Vegas hotel and casino injury lawyer from the Janda Law Firm can evaluate your situation and help you understand what compensation you may be entitled to receive.

What to Do After Being Injured at a Las Vegas Hotel or Casino

An accident at a Las Vegas casino or hotel can be a frightening experience. It’s common to want to leave the scene as soon as possible. However, you should take steps after the incident to gather evidence and seek help.

  • First, file an incident report with the hotel and casino to ensure that your incident is on record. 
  • Seek medical treatment as soon as possible and save your records.
  • Collect evidence by taking pictures and speaking with witnesses.

Contact an attorney who can represent your claim.

Time Limits for Filing a Claim Against a Las Vegas Hotel or Casino

In Nevada, there is a time limit, or statute of limitations, for filing a claim against a hotel or casino for injuries sustained on their premises. In most cases, people have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. It’s important to act quickly and consult with a Las Vegas hotel and casino injury lawyer as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss the deadline and lose your chance to seek compensation for your injuries.

How a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Injury Lawyer Can Help Your Case

If you have been injured in a hotel or casino accident in Las Vegas, a hotel and casino injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and fight for the compensation you deserve. At the Janda Law Firm, our Las Vegas hotel and casino injury lawyer can help you gather evidence, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf in court. 

Our firm understands the complexities of hotel and casino injury claims, and we are committed to fighting for the rights of our clients. With our help, you can focus on your recovery while we handle the legal details of your case.

Contact a Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Injury Attorney Today

If you were injured at a Las Vegas hotel or casino, you may be entitled to financial compensation. In these situations, trust Dr. Paul Janda to fight for your right to justice. Contact us today at (702) 758-8888 to schedule your free case consultation with a Las Vegas hotel and casino injury attorney.