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Henderson Hotel and Casino Injury Lawyer

Clark County is home to over 200 casinos and many famous hotels, including the Bellagio and Caesars Palace. Hotels and casinos on and off The Strip attract millions of tourists each year. Unfortunately, not every establishment takes due care in ensuring the safety of its guests and visitors. Many suffer injuries, illnesses and criminal assaults due to the negligence of property owners. If you have an injury from a hotel or casino in Henderson, Nevada, please contact The Janda Law Firm. Our lawyers may be able to help you collect compensation.

Why Choose Our Henderson Hotel and Casino Injury Lawyers?

  • We give our clients a unique advantage. Our founding partner, Attorney Dr. Paul Janda, is a licensed neurologist. His in-depth knowledge of the medical field benefits his clients during personal injury claims.
  • We are well aware of the strategies defense experts use to try to refute liability for accidents and avoid paying claimants. Our attorneys can use proven tactics of their own to combat them.
  • We help injured accident victims on a contingency fee basis in Henderson. Our hotel and casino injury lawyers do not charge anything for their legal services if they are unsuccessful in winning the case.

Why You Should Hire a Hotel and Casino Injury Attorney

It can be easy to fall for tactics insurance companies use to minimize their financial liability. Insurers may convince you to settle your claim for the lowest possible amount. Do not take an insurance claims adjuster’s word as the last on your case. Hire an attorney to review your claim before accepting a settlement offer. Your lawyer can make sure the insurer treats your hotel or casino accident claim fairly, as well as negotiate for maximum compensation for your damages. Help from an attorney could lead to greater damage recovery.

Common Types of Hotel and Casino Accidents and Injuries In Henderson

The negligence of a hotel or casino owner could turn a night of fun into tragedy. One person’s lack of proper care can lead to a preventable accident and related customer or guest injuries. It is a property owner’s legal obligation to search for, fix and prevent hazards that could cause guest injuries. Failure to do so could result in many different types of accidents.

At The Janda Law Firm, we help clients after all types of hotel and casino accidents in Henderson. Our Henderson personal injury attorneys accept a wide range of cases, including complex cases that involve catastrophic and fatal injuries. Please contact us about your case if you have broken bones, bruising, burns, lacerations, soft-tissue injuries, back injuries, brain injuries, an illness or other injuries from an incident at a hotel or casino in Clark County. You may be eligible for damages.

Hold a Hotel or Casino Financially Responsible for Your Losses

Seeking justice and fair financial compensation for a negligence-related injury can help you pay for your medical bills and recover lost wages from missed time at work. It could also reimburse you for intangible damages such as physical pain, suffering, discomfort and emotional distress. Your casino and hotel attorney can help you determine whom to hold responsible for your injuries, such as the hotel, casino or a third party. Then, he or she can fight for fair compensation from the defendant(s) on your behalf.

Contact a Henderson Hotel and Casino Attorney

Obtaining compensation for a hotel or casino injury takes identifying the liable party, filing a claim, proving fault and demonstrating damages. Contact The Janda Law Firm for an investigation of your recent accident by one of our casino and hotel injury attorneys. We may be able to bring a cause of action against a defendant in Henderson on your behalf. Call (702) 758-8888 or contact our local Las Vegas office online today.