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Henderson Negligent Security Lawyer

When you lawfully enter someone else’s property in Henderson, Nevada, you have the right to assume your reasonable safety. While a property owner does not have an obligation to prevent all crimes and incidents, he or she must take steps to prevent foreseeable incidents. Negligent security could make the property owner liable for related crimes, injuries and deaths. If you have injuries due to negligent security at a business in Henderson or Clark County, please contact The Janda Law Firm for a free legal consultation. Our Henderson premises liability attorney may be able to help you seek justice and compensation.

Why Clients Choose Our Henderson Negligent Security Attorneys

  • We have the first and only neurologist-attorney in the State of Nevada.
  • We use our medical background to strengthen clients’ claims to damages.
  • We recognize the tactics defense experts use and how to counter them.
  • We prepare all premises liability cases as if they will go to trial.
  • We represent Henderson negligent security clients on a contingency fee basis.

What Does a Negligent Security Lawyer Do?

When you hire a premises liability or negligent security attorney to take over your Henderson negligent security or premises liability claim, you get the opportunity to focus on your health, wellbeing and future while a professional handles your claim. Someone with legal experience and knowledge will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf while you spend time recuperating from your physical and emotional injuries. Our lawyers can investigate your incident, collect evidence, identify defendant(s), build a case, bring a claim, fulfill the state’s requirements and take care of many other processes for you.

What Qualifies as Negligent Security?

A property owner might be liable for your damages if he or she fails to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of the property. The steps and actions a property owner should take to fulfill his or her duties of care to visitors depend on the situation. It is the owner’s responsibility to investigate the property’s prior history of crime, assess the current and foreseeable risk of crimes, and take steps to decrease the odds of criminal activity. This can mean taking many different actions.

  • Installing a fence, gate or barrier
  • Using keys, codes or keycards for entry into hotels
  • Checking staff members’ and tenants’ backgrounds
  • Installing an alarm system and security cameras
  • Hiring a security team or lobby attendant
  • Escorting hotel and casino guests to their vehicles
  • Improving the lighting in parking lots, alleys and hallways
  • Keeping a low amount of cash on the premises
  • Using safes and lockboxes
  • Posting warning signs on the property

Neglecting the legal responsibility to keep a premises secure could lead to preventable tragedies such as criminal attacks. Unprotected and vulnerable guests could suffer injuries or property losses in robberies, burglaries, muggings, physical assaults and sexual assaults. If you or a loved one experienced a traumatic event due to negligent security in Clark County, our negligent security attorneys can help you seek compensation.

Why Bring a Negligent Security Claim?

If a criminal attacked you, you may be able to hold him or her responsible. If the police catch the criminal, your lawyer can file a civil claim against the individual in pursuit of compensation. You may also have grounds for a claim against the property owner for negligently failing to prevent a foreseeable crime. Filing both claims could maximize your odds of obtaining compensation. If the criminal does not have the funds to pay a settlement, the property owner might through a business or homeowners insurance policy.

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Crime is rampant in Clark County, Nevada. Local property and business owners should take all appropriate and reasonable steps to safeguard their guests and visitors, day and night. If you suspect a property owner of negligent security in relation to your recent traumatic experience, contact The Janda Law Firm for a free legal consultation with our injury attorney in Henderson. One or more parties may owe you financial compensation.