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Henderson Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

A slip and fall accident could send you to the hospital with severe injuries such as fractured bones, sprained muscles, head and brain injuries, and a neck or back injury. If a property owner or someone else had the power to reasonably prevent your fall, that person should be legally responsible for your damages. At The Janda Law Firm, we help injured victims seek maximum compensation for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more from at-fault parties. Contact our Henderson slip and fall accident attorneys if you believe you have a claim.

Why Choose Our Law Office?

  • Our lead lawyer, attorney Dr. Paul Janda, is the only neurologist-attorney in the State of Nevada, as well as the only lawyer on several medical advisory boards.
  • Our medical background enables us to understand the effects of trauma on the brain and spine, as well as how to handle complex medical evidence.
  • Our Henderson personal injury attorneys accept slip and fall cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay nothing upfront.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer Can Help

The high number of slip and fall accident claims the civil courts see each year has led to stricter laws involving these types of cases. This can make it harder for you to recover compensation as a victim. An injury lawyer can help you meet the burden of proof to win these types of claims, including proving a property owner’s responsibility for your fall, if applicable. A lawyer can take care of difficult legal processes on your behalf while you spend your time taking care of your physical health and wellbeing.

Liability for a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip, trip and fall accidents involve premises liability laws in Nevada. The rule of premises liability states that a property owner is legally responsible for the safety of his or her property. If a property owner does not fulfill his or her duties of care to visitors, and injuries happen as a result, the owner will be liable for damages. An owner could be responsible for failing to remedy many common slip and fall hazards.

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Grease, oil or wax on the floor
  • Ice or snow in a parking lot
  • Uneven or faulty floor surfaces
  • Food or liquids on the floor
  • Debris in a walkway
  • Cracked sidewalks
  • Loose carpeting
  • Unsafe stairwells
  • Inadequate lighting

Property owners who invite people to their properties, such as business owners, have a legal obligation to search for property defects, repair them and warn guests of remaining hazards. A common cause of slip and fall accidents is failing to properly inspect a property’s floors for hazards, such as by implementing a cleaning or maintenance log. At The Janda Law Firm, we can investigate a slip and fall accident for signs of fault on your behalf.

Are You Eligible for Financial Recovery?

If our slip and fall attorneys find evidence of a property owner’s fault or negligence for your slip and fall accident, we can help you file a claim with that party’s insurance company. In Nevada, you have no more than three years from the date of your fall accident or discovery of the injury to bring a cause of action against a defendant. If you miss this deadline, you may not have a valid claim. Speak to our Henderson slip and fall lawyers right away if you think you have a claim so you meet your time limit.

Contact a Henderson Slip and Fall Lawyer

The costs of a slip and fall accident may not have to come out of your pocket. If a property owner or another party reasonably should have prevented your fall and related injuries, that person may owe you and your family compensation. Get information about your specific claim during a free consultation in Henderson, Nevada. Contact us online or call (702) 758-8888 today to learn your legal options.