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Do You Have to Report a Car Accident in Nevada?

April 30, 2024 Car Accidents

After a car accident, amidst the sudden shock and concerns about injuries or damages, one crucial question often arises: do you need to report the collision? This question is important as the report can contain critical information that an influence the outcome of any future insurance claims or litigation. Here’s an essential guide to understanding…

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What Happens When Your Car Is Totaled in Nevada?

April 17, 2024 Car Accidents

When a car accident occurs, the aftermath can result in a host of damages, including harm to your vehicle. This type of property damage ranges from minor scratches to total destruction of the vehicle. If the damage is so severe that the vehicle is considered a total loss, you may wonder what your options are…

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Why You Need a Lawyer After a Las Vegas Truck Accident

April 15, 2024 Truck Accidents

A truck accident can be a profoundly unsettling experience, often leading to severe injuries and significant damage. If you were injured by a negligent truck driver in Las Vegas, you have the right to pursue an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault party. However, the complexities inherent in these types of accidents make filing…

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What to Know About Whiplash

April 5, 2024 Firm News

Whiplash is a common yet misunderstood injury. Characterized by the rapid, whip-like motion of the neck due to sudden acceleration or deceleration, whiplash can cause painful symptoms that do not always manifest right away or appear on medical tests. Here is what you need to know about whiplash, its treatment options, and your legal pathways…

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