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Nevada Hospital Negligence Lawyers

Hospitals in Nevada owe their patients high standards of care according to federal laws and medical industry standards. Unfortunately, many health care centers cut corners and skip protocols to save time or money. This can lead to preventable patient injuries and deaths. If you believe hospital negligence caused your injuries or a loved one’s death in Nevada, contact the hospital negligence lawyers at The Janda Law Firm for a free medical malpractice consultation in Clark County. The at-fault hospital or another party may owe you compensation for your damages.

Why Choose The Janda Law Firm’s NV Hospital Negligence Attorneys?

  • Our lead lawyer’s medical background as a licensed neurologist gives him a unique take on personal injury law. He understands how trauma affects patients and how to handle complex medical evidence.
  • Our medical malpractice lawyers work directly with their clients. We do not pass cases off to paralegals or assistants. Our lead lawyer personally works on each case and always communicates openly with clients.
  • Our Nevada injury law firm accepts hospital negligence lawsuits on a contingency fee basis in Nevada. This payment arrangement does not involve any upfront or hidden costs for clients. You will only pay us if we win the medical malpractice case on your behalf.

How Can a Nevada Hospital Negligence Lawyer Help You?

Hospitals in Nevada have extensive legal teams and aggressive defense attorneys to help them refute liability for patient injuries and deaths. As an injured patient, you need to hire an attorney to match the hospital’s resources with your own. A lawyer can strengthen your settlement demands and enable you to negotiate with a hospital for fair and full compensation. While you concentrate on recovering from your injuries, your lawyer can focus on your financial recovery.

Common Examples of Hospital Negligence In Nevada Hospitals

Hospital negligence can describe any action or omission that a reasonable and prudent health care center (or one of its employees) would not have committed under the same circumstances. If a prudent hospital would have maintained better communication to avoid performing the wrong surgery on a patient, for example, the injured patient would have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. At The Janda Law Firm, our attorneys can help patients after many different types of hospital negligence.

  • Unsafe or unsanitary premises.
  • Poorly maintained equipment.
  • Untrained or incompetent staff members.
  • Poor patient care.
  • Refusing health care to a patient.
  • Failure to diagnose.
  • Lack of communication.
  • Mixing up patients.
  • Surgical mistakes.
  • Premature discharge.
  • Medication mistakes.
  • Wrongful death.

A doctor or hospital’s mistake can rise to the level of medical malpractice if the injured patient (or his or her attorney) can demonstrate that the doctor owed him or her a duty of care, negligently breached this duty, and caused harm to the patient. Hire a lawyer to help you meet this burden of proof during a hospital negligence claim in Nevada. Attorney Dr. Paul Janda can review your case, collect any available evidence of negligence and help you bring a claim against a defendant in Nevada.

When Is The Hospital Liable For Being Negligent?

If a hospital was negligent in a way that caused you harm, the establishment could be directly liable for your losses. If one of its employees was negligent or careless, the hospital could still be vicariously liable for your damages. The hospital may not be liable, however, if an independent contractor (such as many doctors and surgeons) caused your injuries. Our lawyers can help you determine the identity of the defendant(s) in your hospital negligence claim. Then, we can help you fight for compensation from the at-fault party.

Consult With a Nevada Medical Malpractice Lawyer For Free

A successful hospital negligence lawsuit could result in compensation for damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and legal fees. The Janda Law Firm offers 100% free consultations in Clark County, Nevada. Learn your rights and options from a Las Vegas injury attorney by contacting us for assistance with your case. Call (702) 758-8888 to speak to our medical malpractice lawyers today.