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Nevada Parietal Lobe Injuries

The parietal lobe in the brain controls sensation, perception and the integration of sensory input. It allows us to perceive and understand the world around us. An injury to the parietal lobe could cause serious brain damage that interferes with cognition, language, communication, comprehension, expression, motor skills, memory and personality.

If someone else’s negligence gave you or a loved one a parietal lobe injury, contact Attorney Dr. Paul Janda for a free legal consultation. He is the only neurologist attorney in the State of Nevada. His medical license and active involvement in numerous neurology research studies give him an edge during brain injury claims. Call (702) 758-8888 today to discuss your legal options in detail.

Why Choose Neurologist-Attorney Dr. Paul Janda?

  • He has expertise in the field of neurology. Dr. Janda understands how trauma affects the brain and the parietal lobes in particular. He also knows how juries respond to medical information.
  • He can use his experience as a neurologist to fully demonstrate how the parietal lobe injury will impact you or a loved one’s life. This will allow him to seek maximum compensation for your injury.
  • He takes all brain injury cases in Nevada on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay a dime for Attorney Dr. Paul Janda’s representation during a parietal lobe injury claim unless he wins your case.

Why You Need an Parietal Lobe Injury Attorney

It is incredibly important to protect your legal rights by hiring an attorney for your parietal lobe injury claim. A brain injury can be catastrophic, causing a lifetime of medical expenses and losses for the victim. Serious injury cases deserve legal representation. Otherwise, an insurance company may try to offer a low settlement amount for an injury that will impact you for life. Hire a lawyer to stand up for your right to recovery if you wish to achieve the best possible results.

Parietal Lobe Injury Lawsuits in Nevada

The parietal lobe is near the top center of the cerebral cortex. It has two hemispheres. It is the part of the brain responsible for sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. It also has important functions such as localizing touch, enabling navigation and reasoning, solving math problems, assessing relationships, processing language, and coordinating the motions of the hands, eyes, and arms. A parietal lobe injury can impact sensory input and language processing in many different ways. A patient may eventually recover from a parietal lobe injury or live with permanent brain damage and disabilities.

A victim could injure the brain’s parietal lobes in any blow or jolt to the head. Common causes of brain injuries are car accidents, falls, sports, struck-by objects, and acts of violence. Most of these accidents stem from negligence. If you believe another person or entity is responsible for causing your parietal lobe injury, contact our lawyers for a free consultation. The at-fault party may owe you compensation for your life-changing brain injury. You have the right to seek recovery from a defendant in Nevada as long as you act within two years of the date of your accident.

Contact Us Today – Our Experts Are Specially Equipped to Handle Brain Injury Claims

Attorney Dr. Paul Janda understands parietal lobe injuries and other brain injuries in depth. He is the Director of Neurology and Stroke at two large local hospitals, President of Nevada’s largest neurology group and an Adjunct Professor of Neurology at multiple universities. He knows how parietal lobe injuries can impact victims and how much these cases are worth from a legal perspective. Trust Dr. Paul Janda with your brain injury claim in Nevada for quality legal representation.

No matter what type of incident caused you or a loved one’s parietal lobe injury, discuss your options with our lawyers during a free consultation. One or more parties may owe your family compensation. Obtain advice from Attorney Dr. Paul Janda today. Call (702) 758-8888 or contact our Clark County office online.