Evidence You Should Preserve After a Car Accident

February 25, 2021 Car Accidents

The moments after a car accident can feel overwhelming. You may have severe, painful injuries, be unable to drive your vehicle away from the accident site, and feel confused, traumatized, and disoriented. However, what you do after the accident is very important. Since Nevada is a fault state, you can preserve evidence that your Las Vegas motor vehicle accident attorney can use in an insurance claim or lawsuit against the driver responsible for your crash.

Why Do You Need to Preserve Evidence?

Nevada is a fault car accident state. This means that drivers who cause accidents must pay for their victims’ damages, such as medical expenses and vehicle repairs. If someone else is responsible for your collision, you can hold him or her accountable through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim.

During the claims process, you will need to provide the insurance company or court with enough evidence to prove the other driver’s liability. You will need to show that his or her actions directly caused the accident and your injuries. If you cannot provide this evidence, the court or insurance company will deny your claim.

Police Reports

After the accident, you should call 911. Not only will this bring emergency medical services to your location, but a police officer will respond to the call and document what he or she witnesses at the scene. The officer will use this information to create a police report, which will include valuable details such as the names and addresses of both drivers, a description of the accident, and the officer’s opinion on what happened.

Depending on its contents, you can use this report as evidence of the at-fault driver’s liability. At the accident, ask the officer for his or her name and badge number so you can find the report later. You will need to contact the law enforcement agency directly to obtain a copy.

Medical Records and Bills

Medical evidence is very important for car accident claims. Your bills and treatment records will document the extent and nature of your injuries, the type of care you received, and how much this treatment cost you. This information will prove that you sustained injuries in the crash and establish how much compensation you should receive.

After your collision, go to the hospital and save every document you receive related to your medical treatment. You should receive treatment after an accident, even if you believe your injuries are minor.

Photographs of the Accident Site

If you can walk around the accident site safely and without further injury, you should carefully document the scene with photographs. Take as many pictures from as many angles as possible. Make sure to capture damage to both vehicles, any injuries that you sustained, and debris, skid marks, and other physical evidence of the accident. If there are any traffic signs or signals in the area, photograph them as well.

Witness Contact Information

Witness testimony is very important to a car accident claim. These neutral accounts can validate your version of events and establish the at-fault driver’s liability. If there are any witnesses in the area after your crash, ask them if they would be willing to provide information for your claim. If they agree, ask the witnesses for their contact information.

Car accidents can be devastating events, resulting in serious injuries, financial loss, and psychological damage. If you are the victim of a Nevada collision, contact a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can evaluate your case and help you take your first steps toward maximum recovery.