7 Safety Tips to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

February 14, 2022 Personal Injury

Motorcycle accidents can be dangerous and catastrophic events. Compared to passenger cars and other motor vehicles, motorcyclists are very vulnerable to injury on the road. In these situations, it is necessary to take certain steps to stay safe while riding a motorcycle. 

Here are seven safety tips that you can leverage to prevent motorcycle accidents and protect yourself on Nevada roads.

#1: Stay Alert

Distractions can be very dangerous on the road, especially for motorcyclists. It is important to remain alert and aware of your surroundings at all times. Do not use electronic devices while riding and make sure to pay attention to the road.

Road hazards can be especially dangerous for motorcyclists. Be prepared to change lanes or safely swerve to avoid hazards like potholes, railroad tracks, reckless drivers, and fellow motorcyclists.

#2: Avoid Poor Weather

Inclement weather conditions like snow, rain, and sleet can make the roads slippery and icy. High winds and torrents of rain can also make it difficult to ride safely on a motorcycle. 

Avoid riding in bad weather conditions as often as possible. If you must ride during inclement weather, make sure that you are equipped with the right gear to stay comfortable and safe during these events.

#3: Wear the Right Gear

When riding a motorcycle, make sure to wear the right safety equipment. Purchase a full-face helmet approved by the Department of Transportation and wear it at all times. Invest in protective gear like gloves, eye protection, and durable boots.

Make sure that your clothing is appropriate for motorcycle riding as well. Invest in long pants and clothing with long sleeves that are made of thick, protective material. 

#4: Be as Visible as Possible

In line with wearing the right gear, you should make yourself as visible as possible. Many accidents occur because drivers claim not to see motorcyclists. However, investing in reflective gear, such as neon-colored vests or reflector strips, can help other drivers notice you on the road. 

Additionally, avoid riding at night as often as possible. Many accidents occur due to low visibility, and drivers out in the evening may not be looking for motorcyclists. To stay safe, try to stick to daytime hours.

#5: Never Drink and Ride

Many motorcycle accidents occur due to illegal drinking and driving. Never ride a motorcycle after drinking alcohol or taking drugs; these substances make it difficult to drive safely, heightening accident risk.

#6: Perform Basic Maintenance

Some motorcycle accidents occur when a bike suddenly malfunctions, causing a motorcyclist to lose control. While some accidents are the fault of product defects, others occur due to poor maintenance. To avoid these collisions, perform routine maintenance on your motorcycle and always seek repairs if you notice something wrong.

#7: Pay Attention to Your Stops

Where you stop on a motorcycle matters greatly for safety. Stopping in the middle of a lane behind another car could heighten the risk of a collision, as vehicles behind you may not notice you and collide into your rear.

When you are stopped behind another car, avoid stopping right in the middle. Instead, stop toward the left or the right side of the vehicle. If another driver does crash into you, you can avoid becoming pinned behind the car. 

While these tips can help you stay safe, collisions can still occur. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact The Janda Law Firm to discuss your legal options and strategize your next steps with a motorcycle accident attorney in Las Vegas.