Who Is Responsible for Self-Driving Car Accidents?

June 15, 2022 Car Accidents

Self-driving vehicles are equipped with specialized software and components that make it possible for the car to steer itself. While these futuristic vehicles can provide some benefits to drivers, they pose a serious risk to other motorists on the road.

If you are injured in a self-driving car accident, you may wonder who is responsible for your accident. Because self-driving cars remain under the control of the motorist, the driver is generally responsible for the collision—even if he or she was not technically driving at the time of the accident.

The Dangers of Self-Driving Car Accidents

Any type of car accident can result in serious harm, but self-driving car accidents pose additional risks to victims. The driver may be distracted and unable to react before a serious collision occurs, resulting in significant impact.

Self-driving car accidents can result in several types of injuries, which often require lengthy recovery times and extensive medical care:

Self-Driving Cars Are Not Completely Autonomous

Self-driving cars are becoming more and more common, even in Nevada. These autonomous vehicles are controlled by software that seemingly allows the driver to kick back, relax, and let the car drive itself.

However, self-driving cars are not completely autonomous, as of 2022. Drivers must still remain alert and ready to intervene if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, many accidents can occur involving self-driving vehicles, often leading to serious injuries and fatalities.

These accidents are often caused by driver inattention. These vehicles lull motorists into a false sense of security, causing them to ignore the road completely and accidentally strike other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Nevada Is a Fault-Based Accident State

Like most states, Nevada follows a fault-based system for car accidents. If a driver causes a collision, he or she is financially responsible for any damages that are sustained by the other people who are involved in the crash.

This liability extends to self-driving car accidents as well. If you are in an accident with an autonomous vehicle, you could pursue a lawsuit or insurance claim against the driver who was operating the car.

You generally cannot file a claim against the company that manufactured the vehicle, unless the accident was caused by a product defect. You can also file a lawsuit against the manufacturer if driver was an employee of the company and performing his or her job duties at the time of the accident.

Speak to an Attorney After a Self-Driving Car Accident

Pursuing an insurance claim or lawsuit after a self-driving car accident can be a complex process. If you are injured in one of these collisions, you need an attorney on your side who can represent your best interests and help you secure the compensation that you deserve.

A car accident lawyer in Vegas will have significant experience representing victims of autonomous vehicle collisions. He or she can help you navigate the legal complexities of this field as these cars become more common, providing valuable support during each stage of litigation.

As soon as possible after your accident, speak to an attorney about your legal options. Your Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyer will carefully assess your case and help identify your optimal path to recovery.