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Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

March 11, 2024 Motorcycle Accidents

When riding a motorcycle, your life can change in an instant due to the negligent and reckless acts of others on the road. Collisions involving motorcycles often lead to serious injuries that not only cause immediate pain and suffering but can also have long-lasting effects on the victim’s life.  From broken bones and bruises to…

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How Filing a Car Accident Claim Will Impact Your Insurance Premium

March 1, 2024 Car Accidents

Navigating the aftermath of a car accident can be complex and filled with uncertainty, particularly when it comes to understanding how filing a claim might impact your insurance premium. This concern often leads accident victims to hesitate, wondering whether the benefits of filing outweigh the potential financial implications. Many factors come into play in this…

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Is Nevada a No-Fault State?

February 27, 2024 Car Accidents

If you are involved in a car accident, there is one question that often comes to mind: who is responsible for paying for the damages? The answer depends on where the accident occurred and whether the state follows a fault or no-fault insurance system. In fault states, the at-fault driver must pay, while in no-fault…

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What Is the Eggshell Skull Rule?

February 20, 2024 Personal Injury

After an unexpected injury, you can find yourself feeling confused, hurt, and overwhelmed. You want to hold the at-fault party accountable for these damages, but with a pre-existing condition, you may wonder whether you are eligible for compensation at all. In these scenarios, one doctrine in personal injury law offers important protections: the eggshell skull…

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