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Why You Need a Lawyer After a Concussion

January 29, 2024 Brain Injury,Personal Injury

Concussions are often perceived as minor injuries, but they can be more complex and dangerous than many people realize. The repercussions can extend beyond a temporary headache or period of confusion; serious complications can arise, turning a concussion into a prolonged battle with lasting health consequences. If your concussion was caused by someone else, you…

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Timeline of a Personal Injury Claim in Nevada

January 18, 2024 Personal Injury

In Nevada, a personal injury lawsuit is a legal route taken by individuals who have suffered harm due to someone else’s negligence or intentional act. The timeline for these claims can vary, often stretching from a year to even longer, depending on the complexity of the case. When an unexpected injury disrupts your life, seeking…

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Reckless vs. Negligent Driving in Nevada

January 11, 2024 Car Accidents,Nevada Law

While navigating the roads of Nevada, drivers are expected to follow rules and exercise caution to ensure safety for everyone. Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to these expectations, leading to accidents that can cause serious harm. Legally speaking, the behavior of these drivers often falls into two categories: reckless and negligent driving. For anyone involved…

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What to Know About Lost Wages After a Car Accident

January 5, 2024 Car Accidents

When you are injured in a car accident, the physical injuries that you sustain are often just the tip of the iceberg. A significant, yet sometimes overlooked, consequence is the impact on your ability to work. This can range from being physically unable to attend your job to needing time off for medical appointments. For…

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