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Car Accidents Involving Leased Cars

April 18, 2022 Car Accidents

Nevada is a fault car accident state. Drivers who cause accidents are financially liable for any injuries that their victims experience. Victims have the right to pursue car insurance claims or lawsuits against negligent drivers and secure the compensation that they deserve.  If you were driving a leased car at the time of the accident,…

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Where Do I File a Car Accident Report?

April 7, 2022 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

After a Las Vegas car accident, there are several matters that you will need to settle. You will need to seek medical attention, bring your car in for repairs, and gather evidence for your future claim. You will also need to report the accident to the appropriate authorities. Failure to report a car accident in…

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The Difference Between Buzzed and Drunk Driving Accidents

December 22, 2021 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and highly illegal. However, thousands of drivers each year get behind the wheel while intoxicated, leading to serious accidents and devastating fatalities. Many drivers claim that they were only buzzed, not drunk, at the time of the accident. When hearing this excuse, you may wonder: is there a difference between…

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What Are Nevada’s Car Seat Laws?

September 30, 2021 Car Accidents

Children are especially susceptible to injury during a car accident. As a result, Nevada laws require that many children be placed in car seats until they reach a certain age and size. Failure to comply with Nevada’s car seat laws will not only result in possible fines and other penalties—if a child isn’t secured in…

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